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Key Performance Indicators for Managers (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators for Managers (KPI)

Given that the ability to measure how well companies, business units, projects or individuals are performing compared to their strategic goals and objectives is to well design KPIs to provide the vital navigation instruments that gives a clear understanding of current levels of performance.

This highly intensive and hands-on training provides managers and business leaders with an opportunity to understand the crucial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that should be implemented for all different aspects of their organisation, including financial performance, operational and internal processes, sales and marketing, customer satisfaction to drive business success.

Benefits from the Course include
  • Uncover the basics of Key Performance Indicators, from why every company needs them and where people go wrong with them to setting the right targets and organising your KPIs
  • How to collect data, applying quantitative methods and finalising your KPIs, and learn how to measure and communicate KPI insights effectively
  • Implement and use KPIs effectively, turn KPIs into insights, get the attention of decision-makers and use graphs and charts to visualise KPIs
  • Ascertain essential performance measures, and develop a reporting strategy
  • Develop and use KPIs effectively with a simple five stage model
  • Determine which KPIs you should be using and when
  • Use KPIs to drive performance in your organisation

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