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Practical Powerpoint for Managers & Professionals

Practical Powerpoint for Managers & Professionals

This Practical PowerPoint course has been specifically designed for Managers, Professionals and Secretaries, equipping them to Produce Powerful Presentations every time. The course instructor demonstrates Step-by-Step how to create presentations from start to finish including the setting up of charts, slides, graphs, effects and other advanced features.Your experienced lecturer will guide you through practical exercises demonstrating how easy it is to use MS PowerPoint to create a presentation that is not only professional and creative but creates a visual impact on any audience.

Topics to be covered on this course include
  • Transforming an Average Presentation into a Winner!
  • Getting more done using Basic to Advanced PowerPoint features to Customize your Presentation
  • Creating a Visual Impact by inserting graphs, images, tables and figures to complement the facts
  • Grabbing the Attention of your Audience by adding Special Effects that create an Impression that lasts
  • Personalizing your Presentation by honing in on your Creative skills using the drawing tools
  • Controlling the Layout of your Presentations by knowing how to apply various Structural Templates
  • Saving Time by using Customized Shortcuts and Toolbars
  • Maintaining the Consistency of your Presentation by understanding its Key Elements and how they interlink with other MS Office Applications
  • Stimulating Interest by starting with a “Presentation Hook”
  • Attracting Attention with Sound, Images & Animation
Date: 27-28 September 2022

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