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Preparing Budgets and Forecast with Excel

Preparing Budgets and Forecast with Excel

During the webinar, Philip Gamey will show managers and business executives how to get the most from Excel’s forecasting and planning capabilities and how with the help of an add-in, you can overcome the more challenging aspects of using Excel’s scenario analysis tools.
The webinar engages higher-level pivot-table use with more sophisticated analysis tools to help managers reduce the time and effort it takes to build and update budgets and model forecasts using Microsoft Excel.

At the end of the Webinar Participants will be equipped to:
  • Easily create one-variable models
  • Create dozens of what-if scenarios for two-variable models
  • Build a model that helps the finance team understand the impact and implications of budget and forecasts
  • Quickly create and customize charts using a variety of formatting tricks to create eye-catching effects
Date: 11-12 July, 2022
             29-30 September, 2022
            29-30 November, 2022

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