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Human Resource Data Management, Analysis and Report Creation (HDAR)

Human Resource Data Management, Analysis and Report Creation (HDAR)

More than ever before, HR practitioners need to cultivate the ability to speak the language of data and analytics, understand the key skills required to implement a robust practice, and make a case for investment in this critical area.
This highly intensive and practical course has been specially designed to equip HR professionals master how to use data to make informed decisions around talent management and leverage analytical skills for every aspect of the HR function.

During the intensive 2-days, delegates will learn to:
  • Set HR tables to manage your primary employee records with referential integrity, and addon data such as training, leave, payroll etc.
  • Consolidate disparate HR data into a mini datawarehouse that can be used to produce HR analysis and reports
  • Design applications for managing HR functions such as training, medicals and leave and recruitment
  • Create professional budgets and business cases that show return on investment for HR initiatives and interventions
  • Create HR management operations reports that can be used as a support tool for management and board decisions
  • Utilise Macros and advanced functions to save time when manipulating data and automating the production of management reports and charts

This intensive training course has been developed to introduce professionals in the Human Resource department to the many ways that Excel can be used as a support tool for their work.

Key areas that will be covered on this intensive course include:
  • How to design HR data tables or import data from HR software
  • Create and automate the production of monthly HR management reports
  • Automatic creation of graphs and charts to help illustrate key issues and trends in HR
  • Develop HR dashboards that is very interactive and can update itself when there is a change in data or end user selection
  • Master and use advanced functions and tools in Excel to develop predictive models, scenario plans and risk analysis to effectively analyse and report how HR aligns with organizational strategy
  • Develop HR applications such as performance reports which once developed can work exclusively based on end-user inputs
  • Writing and using Excel Macro’s and Formulae to save time by automatically doing repetitive work


Dates: 14-15 April, 2022
             18-19 August, 2022
            7-8 November, 2022

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